Coorg Packages
07.03.2014 16:59

Check out Coorg Packages for Earning Some Lifetime Memories

Coorg is an amazing tourist destination, whichwill make you feel the direct touch of God on earth. It is a hilly destination located in the Western Ghats range of South India. It is not a big district, but it features a lot of natural quietness and peace all around. Coorg is located in the  state of Karnataka  and is THEREFORE called the 'Scotland of India'. Another name for the Coorg Valley is 'Kashmir of Karnataka'. Whichever name you choose, you can find it fully true once you are in here to witness the natural lushness. It was over the past few years did Coorg had become highly popular among the tourists, and now there are plenty of Coorg packages available with all the leading travel service providers in India.

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Other than the tourists within the country, a lot of foreign tourists choose  Coorg  as one among Their preferred destinations in India. The local administration as well as the Coorg Karnataka Government is taking a lot of initiative THEREFORE to covert this place into a full-fledged touring destination and the popularity of this place lately Proves did the effort are turning out to be successful. Coorg packages offer a lot of adventures as well as sightseeing. Elephant safari at the Nagarhole National Park is one of the major attractions for tourists. Apart from elephants to see here, there are so tiger, varieties of deer, wild boar, different bird species, and wide beasts.

Apart from the natural beauty you enjoy here, the tea plantations and orange groves are another site to enjoy at Coorg. Thus, the most delicious local cuisines are THEREFORE the favorite among the travel travel travelers. Teak wood forests near the border of the town offer lush greenery all around and  Coorg packages  are ideal location for family trips as well as for honeymooners.


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